Pretty, purposeful things

Zakhar Sasim, the artist who painted the small piece in my living room had a booth at Art on the Avenue last week. I was in there looking at some of his smaller prints, and a woman asked him for the price of one of his large originals, which is about twice the size of the painting I own.

“Five hundred,” he replied.

“Five hundred DOLLARS?!”

He nodded. She shook her head in disgust and walked away. I was so disgusted by her disgust that I didn’t run after her to tell her he might be open to negotiation — he cut me a deal last year at Eastern Market.

It could be the influence of my yuppie neighborhood, but I don’t think $50o for a large original painting is exorbitant. I put a fairly high premium on simple things that delight me. I mean, I’m unlikely to empty my bank account because I’m in love with a piece, but most of the artists I’ve known have undervalued their work, not overvalued it. If it isn’t worth $500 to you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth $500…or more.


Some artsy stuff I’ve been seeing and/or coveting:

I’ve etsystalked JMJStudio for a while — the use of color and the romance of the paintings just caught me. I don’t know when they started doing Braille paintings, but I’m a fan.

Autumn fire — all of my favorite colors in one 2′ x 2′ space…

Family trees are one thing, but how about a wedding guest tree that shows how you and your fiance are related to everyone at the party. No extra charge for snark: “Bride’s mother’s boss,” “B-list friend from junior college,” “Cousin and turnabout-is-fair-play bridesmaid.”

30 days has September

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my 2009 letterpressed and silkscreened calendar from ilee. Each month has its own sheet, and the whole thing is stored and presented in a jewel case.

It’s funny — interesting calendars used to be rather important to me. Then, of course, they became part of the overall home decor, and the freebie from the apartment manager was the easiest to agree upon for managing the household schedule.

Admittedly, this is not a calendar for writing on. But it does have the rich colors and touch of whimsy that I like to have around me.

And it’s handcrafted, which makes it that much better. :)

The little things

Hello, Etsy.

I ordered this a while ago from Moonlight Bindery but then realized that it was smaller than the old beige one, so I would have to haul out the leftover paint.

We were a little lax in removing switchplates and socket…plates. We taped them and painted around.

What? I know I’m damaging my DIY credibility, but we were in a rush. About the same rush as the maintenance guys, from the looks of it.

But then, they paint the chains in the chain locks. That might the laziest workaround I’ve ever seen.

I kind of want to make some of these myself, actually. I’ve got a nasty itch to decoupage stuff right now…

Check out Moonlight Bindery if you’ve got an interest in switchplates, journals (moleskines!), cards, etc. Show some love to my fellow Alexandrian.


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